About us


Founded in 1965, the Group is a major entrepreneurial player in the residential and tourism construction market and in the marble sector.
Its goal has remained unchanged over the years: to continue to grow in terms of skills and expertise and consolidate the role of the Group as a solid and reliable point of reference for each sector in which it operates.
Today, the Sergio Dalle Nogare Group is an international player operating in Italy, Croatia and Prague. It employs over 200 people and offers over 1600 apartments in the prestigious resorts that it owns, as well as 200 4-star hotel rooms. It exports its marble products to 53 countries across the world and builds over 100 apartments each year.

Our mission

  • To intuitively identify market demands and promptly adapt our supply accordingly, by continuously updating our range of services and constantly developing our network of partnerships and collaborations;
  • to make the most of our wealth of human resources that contribute each day to achieving the objectives of the Group: employees, suppliers, communities and all stakeholders;
  • to compete on the global market, serving as a global representative for good Made-in-Italy business culture, capable of generating wellbeing and beauty.

We have a deep respect for all parties that interact with the Group – customers, employees, suppliers, local communities and institutions. It is their trust that has allowed us to get to where we are today.

Honouring that trust is the guiding principle behind every one of our decisions.

Our values

We are committed, through diligence and determination, to keeping our finger on the pulse, carefully interpreting changes, anticipating needs, optimising processes and preventing critical issues; we aim to make experience our most valuable ally, allowing us to respond promptly and professionally to future challenges.
We believe in the importance of building solid, reliable and long-lasting relationships, inspiring participation, fostering the autonomy and satisfaction of personnel, sharing goals and values, transmitting esteem and recognition; because interpersonal relations are the essential foundation on which every great organisation is built.
We are fully aware of the economic and social link that connects businesses to the communities in which they operate and the people who live there. This is why we work every day to guarantee diligent, fair and transparent business management, to deliver on our commitments, honour the trust placed in us and trust others in return; to instil the same sense of responsibility in all those involved in the Group.

The Vision of the Group

Looking to the future, the companies in the Group aspire to become a household name on an increasingly international scale; to be known and valued for their professionalism, reliability and the quality of the services offered; to reinforce a strong company culture for all individuals involved, based on a sense of belonging and pride at being part of a solid and respected organisation; to create value, through increasingly important investments and activities, that go beyond merely increasing the profitability of the Group, but that also serve as a driving force for growth and wellbeing.