Exceptional services in the stone sector since 1965

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The companies in the Group working in the stone sector coordinate all production supply chain activities, from selecting the materials to their sale. They are known in Europe and across the world for the variety and quality of the marble and granite products they offer, as well as for the precision of the work and the quality and speed of the services provided.

Our Activities


We offer a vast selection of exceptional quality marble, granite, stone and quartzite, which we carefully select from quarries all over the world, from Brazil to India and from Norway to South Africa.

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We transform the rough stone into slabs and blocks for funerary art, construction and interior design: thanks to the use of the most cutting-edge technologies and the skills of our artisans, we perform customised works and finishes, suitable for any type of project.

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We operate in Europe and across the world, with offices in Italy, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic and India. We have a tried and tested expert sales network, which is always on hand to evaluate customer requests and respond in the most appropriate way to their needs.

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