as solid as stone


Story of the Sergio Dalle Nogare Group

1941-1958. The beginning

The SDN Group is built on solid foundations, like stone. The story of its founder, surveyor Sergio Dalle Nogare, is inextricably linked to one of the most precious treasures found in the Asiago uplands, the land of his roots: marble. The Dalle Nogare family has a long history with extraction. Like his grandfather, a quarryman, and his uncle, a stonecutter, Sergio was soon drawn to the world of marble, and at just 17 began working as an engraver and sales assistant at the headstone and funerary monument workshop set up by his uncle in Bolzano. These were formative years, in which Sergio acquired skills and professionalism, before making the decision to set up his own business. vità

1963. An entrepreneurial adventure in the world of marble

It was in 1963 that Sergio, newly qualified as a surveyor, went into business with his brothers and set up a plant in Besenello to process marble and granite: Geom. Sergio Dalle Nogare, the first company in the Group, officially opened in 1965. The company soon grew, first in Trento and then beyond the region, going on to become a leader in the funerary art sector including in the urban area of Milan.

1969. First steps into the construction sector and first site

The construction sector enjoyed an extraordinary boom between the 1960s and 1970s. Sergio recognised the opportunity and understood that the time had come to diversify his business: in 1969, alongside his marble processing business, he and his brothers set up the DALF S.r.l. construction company. Thanks to the dedication, shrewdness and spirit of collaboration that characterises the company, DALF S.r.l. undertook numerous important projects throughout the region, earning itself a role at the top of the residential construction sector in Trento and Rovereto. DALF began work on its first major site, the Alfa 1 and Alfa 2 apartment blocks in Canova, Gardolo.

1978. The tourism sector and the birth of Trentino Residences

The widespread economic wellbeing that marked the end of the 1960s translated, among other things, into a growing interest in holidays and leisure time. And the Trentino region, with its invaluable wealth of natural beauty, became an increasingly sought-after holiday destination. Sergio was quick to identify the early signs of this trend and, from 1978, began construction of his first holiday apartment complexes, in Folgaria and Cavalese. And so Trentino Residences was born: thanks to its original approach, making it possible to combine the independence of an apartment setup with the convenience of services typically associated with a hotel stay, his establishments became the preferred choice for an ever-growing number of Italian and foreign tourists. The Group opened other holiday apartment complexes over the years: Residence Lagorai in Tesero in Val di Fiemme (1985), Villaggio Veronza in Carano (1987), Aparthotel Des Alpes in Cavalese (1988), and Aparthotel Majestic in Predazzo (1992). And in 2000, the Garnì Aparthotel Princess in Penia di Canazei, in Val di Fassa.

1994. International success

Surveyor Sergio Dalle Nogare opened his third granite production plant in Volargne di Dolcé (VR). In 1994, the Group also established the commercial company Tigerstone, operating in India and Italy, while in 1995 it founded the Severe company in Prague to sell marble and granite products.

2000. Tourism sector expansion in Croatia

In Banjole, in Istria, the Group acquired the Marina Ibacom company, an old sardine factory looking out over the sea, which it transformed into the stunning Resort Del Mar in 2010. Today, the Group also has holiday apartment complexes and hotels in Premantura and Ližnjan.

2010. Tourism sector expansion in the Czech Republic

With the inauguration of the 100 apartments that make up the Residence Invalidovna in Prague, the Group also established itself on the Czech market. In 2015 it opened the 4-star Royal Prague Hotel, just a stone's throw from the centre of Prague: featuring 200 rooms, the establishment offers its guests quintessentially Italian style – elegant furnishings, maximum comfort and a full range of services.

2013. The passing of the baton in the marble sector

Taking the reins from Sergio in the marble and granite sector was his son, Adriano Dalle Nogare. Today the companies in this sector operate all over the world, with a catalogue of exceptional quality natural stones.

2021. Construction begins on the new Resort Del Mar holiday apartment complex

The Resort Del Mar chain catalogue features a new holiday apartment complex. Construction of the new large complex in Ližnjan, on the south coast of Istria, is under way.

“I don’t see myself as more capable than others, I don’t feel like a superman. I think I’m very normal. But I take care, that is true. Constant care, in everything I do. “

Sergio Dalle Nogare

Chairman and Director of the Sergio Dalle Nogare Group